JEM-EUSO : Extreme Universe Space Observatory onboard Japanese Experiment Module


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JEM-EUSO ("Extreme Universe Space Observatory") is a Space Mission devoted to the scientific research of cosmic rays of highest energies. Its super-wide-field telescope looks down from the International Space Station
onto the night sky to detect UV photons emitted from air showers generated by UHECRs in the atmosphere.
Every 90 minutes, the detector will orbit the Earth at an altitude of approximately 400 km and reproduce the space development of an air shower with very high precision, measuring accurately its positions and energy.

JEM-EUSO is planned to be launched in 2017 by an H2B rocket and will be conveyed to the ISS by the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV). It will be then attached to one of the ports for non-standard payloads of the Exposure Facility (EF) of the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM). Data will be transmitted via TDRS to the Mission Operation Center hosted by JAXA at Tsukuba Space Centre.